JP. Dupont Portrait




"Jean Pierre Dupont"

Born in France, Jean Pierre Dupont was educated in private elite institutes and tutoring schools in France, England, Germany, and mostly Switzerland where he became fluent in several languages. Later, JP.Dupont served in a French Officer Academy in Germany.

True to his lineage and the Dupont family tradition, JP.Dupont was introduced very young into the world of business and economics. At an early stage of his life, he was entrusted with taking over the leadership of the Dupont family industrial interests.

Since 1959 JP.Dupont had a successful and very diversified career in Europe and overseas.




S.A. Donat - Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing Plant – Owner and President
S.A. Laboratoires Croix Blanche - Herbal Pastilles Manufacturing Plant – Owner and President
S.A. Croibleu - Cough Drops Manufacturing Plant– Owner and President
S.A.R.D. Financial Holding - Investment in Europe– Owner and President
C.A.F.A. France - Association for Economic Interests – Founder, CEO
Association for the Chocolate, Candy and Health Food Industry . Member of the Board

C.A.F.A. Germany - Association for Economic Interest – Founder, CEO
JP Dupont GmbH – Licensing of the “Dupont Name and Coat of Arms” – Owner and President
(Champagnes, Cognacs and Exclusive Wines)

Antigua West Indies
JP Dupont Marketing and Investment Limited – Owner and President

Krystal Web Matrix – Himalaya Salt - President and Shareholder

Multifaceted and multilingual, JP.Dupont, who enjoys Dual Citizenship, U.S. and French, has lived mostly in Europe in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain and resides now in Florida where he is active as Director to the Board of the European Chamber of Commerce SWFL